List of candidate transcripts Δdmax ≥ 0.3

These files contain four columns : candidate transcript id, species name, description obteined from genome project of each species and specific-expressed run id.

Species Number of transcripts (Δdmax ≥ 0.3) Link
Arabidopsis thaliana 8,356 arabidopsis_thaliana_candidate.txt
Oryza sativa 15,644 oryza_sativa_candidate.txt
Solanum lycopersicum 5,690 solanum_lycopersicum_candidate.txt
Sorghum bicolor 7,084 sorghum_bicolor_candidate.txt
Vitis vinifera 6,062 vitis_vinifera_candidate.txt
Medicago truncatula 6,887 medicago_truncatula_candidate.txt
Solanum tuberosum 5,114 solanum_tuberosum_candidate.txt
Glycine max 15,644 glycine_max_candidate.txt